ready, set, goal

So as I was taking my lunch (and social media…ahem) break today, my Facebook feed showed a new post by lululemon – a blog post about 30 day challenges…for every day of the year.


Sounds crazy, but I think the idea is so cool! Challenging yourself to go to the next level with something every month — if nothing else inspired me today, that certainly did.

The idea is courtesy of this blog: 12 Months of Lent
I won’t definitively say whether or not I will take on a 30-day challenge for every month…I may make that decision once the New Year rolls around (2014 resolutions, anyone?)

In the meantime, here are some holiday goals that I want to set for myself over the break:

- Practice yoga (asana) every day.
- Become physically stronger.
- Set goals for my junior recital repertoire and deliberately “plan and attack.”
- Do something that makes me break a sweat, once a day.
- Constantly channel my creative energy, even when I’m not practicing or performing. This means writing, painting, doodling, photographing, dancing…all of my little side hobbies besides music that are still art-related.
- Take time every day to meditate and clear the mind.
- Technology detox. No social networking until the break is done. Blogging is an exception, as I will use this to write about how my plan is going.

Now, onward to tackling this last week – final performances, final exams, and all!

- E

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